At task

Spent the morning in CPSE meetings at the school. Fascinating as usual. I hope I could be a bit helpful. Lots of kids needing more help, more guidance, more counseling, more therapy so they can learn the best way they can.

Dropped the Wonderbus off in Ithaca for repair. The brakes are just this side of failing and one of the sliding doors has some delicacy that needs to be fixed.

Got the Jim Carson business plan completed. Completed the first paper for the speakers which my friend Paul Z referred to as "mind salad". Indeed. However, I learned a ton from her references and trying to see these influences peek through her work. I learned what I want in my work and don't. The funny thing is that I was working on a horse for my Baker client for a holiday card and realized after I scanned the sketch in and rendered it in illustrator that all the spirit the drawing had--had fled and left me with a logo instead. So, I need to work out a process of working big and scanning strictly to add color or to compose an image.. to keep the liveliness in the work. I knew this with painting, but its true with drawing too. If I have a digital style, it has to stand on its own or learn to fuse it with hand drawn so that it looks sympathetic with the manual work. This is going to be half the battle is to find the style and then find the way to infuse it with life, color etc and take advantage of the computer to fuse, add pattern etc using the drawn image as the starting point much like the work of memento mori.

More later.