Late August detail

A day of entertaining. We said goodbye to the beautiful sisters, K's friends, the triplets--who we adored having over...It was like a sixties movie with sunglasses and bikinis. We shopped at TJ Maxx and frankly, I was unaware of the Pandora's box I unleased. The dressing room beaconed along with the swapping of each article of clothing and the show and tell. It could have been a moment in purgatory for Rob, and I was losing patience. They are all smart, dear girls who we it all worked out. They are a sheer delight with tons of please and thankyous...lots of helping. No burden guests, my favorite.

We had R's first cousin , children and friends and father for lunch which evolved to dinner too with lots of family gossip, swimming and fossil finding. Poor K was melting down from all of the tidbits. A. had to sleep. I made a great gazpacho ( an amended recipe with lots of hand chopping) to highlight a full vegetarian lunch. It worked for the whole crowd...and I folded a ton of left overs into a very presentable lunch. Dinner was a pick up game...

We are having a downpour now. The dog is sleeping. The cats have scattered and the third load of dishes are in it's cycle.

More later>>