bright and early

Rained all night with lots of electricity and lightning. We swam in the late afternoon and was attempting another shot around 8 and with the flickering white and sometimes yellow sky, we got out knowing the minute we decided to stay, we would be electrified. It was a nice attempt, though. I have a ton of food to take to the team chez Camp for lunches this week. I have a little personal goal to try to get lunchmeat out of the central position for the team, which means making bigger portions of the family stuff and serving it up for lunch. The other food goal is to try to eat close to the source--taking carbon and big farming out of the mix. In addition to that, I would like to strip out the layers of processed anything, and work only with fresh or frozen--bags of rice etc. Will take a bit more labor, but we will know what we eat...fully. Its better from a health standpoint and from a worry standpoint. Plus, with teenagers, its good training for the rest of their lives. Or at least I think so.

In the Wonderbus, ready for the trek: I have the wonderful gazpacho I made which I plan to extend a bit and the Camp House Soup (a basic tomato based soup with pasta, beans, zucchini...that evolves as our leftovers do. Just added finely cut steamed green beans.May add some hominy. Cans and leftovers...and the gang eats it all up!) Also a big plate of cut up fruit. Should so it.

Today, its work with a nice business lunch for me. I will need to redo Ornamentapalooza ...which is okay as I showed the John Alcorn silhouttes to the client, and they loved wise that is. It will be mine, but the blocking of the shapes, the "packing the suitcase" design and the wit of the negative and positives will be inspired by the man of the moment, John Alcorn.

R has the week off to review the site, work with the team. K needs to read a big book she hasn't cracked. And A has training at Taughannock. I do not have the week off...but maybe we will knock off early on Friday just because. Maybe.

The alarm is ringing for A. Need to hop>>