We attended the big cd release party for Toivo at Felicia's. The music was great and the sales, hopefully, better. We had nice drinks (a mojito for one, and a Trumansburg Lemonade for the other, kids had cokes) and were struck with the crazy offerings Felicia's has...a beet martini, a ginger margarita and much more. It was a brief stay with a chance to say hi to all the band members and survey the some of the old time music nobility in place to launch this nice new collection of songs. Take a listen>>

We had a nice dinner at Bluestone--with it feeling like vacation with everyone diving on their food as if they had never seen it.
There was lots of fun as the tabletops have been painted with chalkboard K and A went at it and I drew a monkey that inspired me to think about Alexander Calder and his wonderful bent wire animals. I am doing to do a wire drawing of a monkey this weekend with the computer screen up and pointed at some Calder animals for clues.

Today is the wedding at the farm in the afternoon. I am hoping that the tradition of a big rain may not happen today to give these sweet people a chance to start their marriage with sunshine. If not, they both have enough sunshine inside to tide us through. Its going to be a traditional Tburg dish to pass event...which should be fun and enlightening. Prior to Tburg, I used to hate dish to pass...but this has changed in a town of good cooks who all seem to pull their weight in excellence and contribution. Now its fun. My guess is that as the groom is plugged into the local music scene, we are going to have some amazing music this afternoon too.

The unplugging happened. My brother, an IT/MBA executive type, sent me an extensive list of first you do this, then you do explain how to stump these pirating monkeys with a password protected wireless set up. Now this person (yours truly) has to just do unplugging will be unnecessary.

Need to start on holiday cards and the illustration for our party "5 at 2" (five years at 2 Camp Street) along with squaring away guest list, food thoughts and of course, the music (maybe Toivo?). The house will be significantly changed since 5 years ago, we will be prime set up for the Art Trail, and why not. It may verge on a huge guest we love everyone. So, the pen needs to think about the Provensens and their horses for the card...and a maybe a bow to Saul Steinberg for the other. Who knows. I just need to get going. Yesterday was a great day of closing out jobs, cleaning up the small stuff and prep for the Tsunami which I get the impression is going to happen.

More later>>