It was a golden evening at our little Trumansburg Farmers Market with the Piggery selling no end to yummy stuff, bundles of sunflowers and fresh beans, baby clothes made of old printed teeshirts (totally cute), natural cosmetics and scents, a table of garlic (with signs identifying around seven different species). Kitty had a rich crepe. I bought bread and a tiny jar of pate for R. to have after his long trip to Boston. Boy Wonder called about his camp experiences and the sheer, hard work they were being pressed into doing with training for Cross Country. I hope some of this sticks as he could need a bit of a jazz to get him started.

Chet came by with all sorts of tales of terror from the world of Lawnmower-y--ignition troubles, oil troubles, $700 troubles. It was fascinating. Tim is busy on a lift scraping the old lead paint off the fascia. Lucy, his dog is leading Shady into its a bit just to keep track of them and their antics.

It is the first day of August tomorrow. I guess that is when summer officially begins for us!

Gotta go. The boy awaits our arrival to haul him home.