cotton head

Isn't this sweetness itself? I think I need to go used books shopping and buy up a clutch of Provensen literature as I need to try to be them and see what happens. Not copying, but trying out there little hints and ideas. There might be something here. I love their layout style (Animal Fair has some nice approaches with grids, lettering etc) and then this stuff from the Bible book (along with the stuff from Mythology which rocks). I am all over their stuff.

In my sleep deprived stupor, I re-read my Jean Tuttle notes and found I had the wit to write down her influences, so I spent a bit of time googling the italian futurist Fortunato Depero, the fabulous Provensens, Beardsley and Leonard Baskin who was noted but not necessarily as an influence but in looking over her work, he fits there too. There is a lot for me to glean from looking at these influences as they resonate with me too--to different effect. I found a limited number of George Stavrinos, cited both by Jean and Nancy Stahl as inspirations for them and actually remembered his work which I have always associated with the world of Ziggy Pop and Disco Bunnies. His work is muscular, figurative work which given the world of airbrush that was happening at the time was singular. I dont know if I see it in either Jean's work or Nancy's for that matter.

We didn't wrap it up until 4 a.m. so putting my head down wasn't as simple as it appeared. I got 4 hours and got on the road (stopping at TJMaxx for paper napkins and paper goods for the present closet, and cute polka dot underwear for Kitty to sweeten the deal relative to the SAT coaching she has been resisting). I didn't wreck the car coming home actually staying on the road and driving the speed limit...and now, I can get dumb and design some things.

Onward to functional dumbness.