Another day at the candy factory

Film Fun girl by Enoch Bolles. All other pinup girls, George Petty.
Great talks by Vin today. Pinup girls galore--hello Betty Grable, hellow Betty Page. Who is today's pinup? The Spears sisters? Paris? Scarlett? Do we even have these candy coated girls? Vin says something very funny when clicking through the work of Albert Vargas, George Petty, Enoch Bolles, Bob McGuinness, Gilette Elvgren, Peter Driben, Alan Anderson, Roy Best, Boris....these girls are " Cute as a button, Dumb as a post". Totally. When seeing these images with these words, makes it a laugh riot. Then, on the way home Paul Z. cleverly knits it to the coppertone girl with the little dog--as a form of this cheesecake, this pinup girl phenomenon. And when you take that further, there is something unsavory about the little girl with a naked bottom in the context of this work...and that we happily accept it as part of the advertising icons.

We had dinosaur painters, the nature guys (love the work of Ned Seidler), and action adventure work.. Lots of great images...some pretty garish colors that really work.

Betsy and Ted Lewin reviewed the design of book jackets and book merchandising. Then we had a day of work. Ted and Murray looked at my sketches and are encouraging me to continue the hand drawn approach socking in solid colors where needed. Hmmm. This is the scary zone...So, I need to roll as I have drawing to continue this evening. I plan on working until 10 and then heads down. Still not enough caffeine for me.

Several of the two year folks showed their work to Betsy and Ted while we gathered in the coffee room at the dorm. It was great to mix it up.

More later>>