I was tromping across the quadrangle from "the building with it's own cell phone tower" (and banking machine), dragging no end of stuff (notebooks, one million pens, and the usual) and was struck with what a nice day it was. So, I took pictures as I walked and the image above is what this crazy "camera" can do on the fantabulous iPhone. Takes a bit of getting used to, but this is a very nice tool for the weakminded and scattered such as yours truly. Looks a bit Danny Yagmin-eque? don't you think?

Big nice news. We were invited to have lunch at the 1877 club, a white tablecloth, light wood, cushy chairs, light filled dining room that has a fresh buffet for around $10 a pop. The sheer volume of white flour and sugar presented for dessert is overwhelming and my classmates are loving it (I have to admit that it holds no thrall over me...). But the salads and soups are lovely and non institutional--so it truly is an oasis for the tired and stunned such as ourselves. This is no Syracuse! Nice facilities, really nice people, great working spaces, plenty of plug-ins, epson printers, lets not forget :AIR CONDITIONING, a cool dorm for grown ups and the traditional Tinkelman special: great teachers, great students, great alumni. Worth every hour, worth every cent. Need to go into this further, but it 6:23 and I need to move.

We also just discovered a cool coffee shop (with great coffee and derivatives) in the lobby of the library. How spoiled we are! No reason to go to the cafe in the lesser Student Union. Should be fun!

More later, coffee and clean clothes await!