I am walking around like a zombie. Too much to do, too little time. I know I will get there, in the famous words of the little Engine that Could, "I think I can, I think I can" and he always did. Confidently. No questions. However, I am not so sure..but I sure hope I can, I hope I can...and see what happens. There are jobs to finish and continually update. There are outstanding projects that are half way there...and the anticipation of 2-3 20 pp pubs, and the 170 pp. book that needs to be completed in three weeks. There is the finishing up of the pre-work prior to starting Hartford. After Hartford (1 day back) there is a two day pressrun and then, and there, we are in August. Need to do the homework for Hartford, work and finish the holiday cards, and prep for the Ithaca Art Trail that is the middle two weekends of October. I am beginning to not breathe. I need to change channels. NOW.

Am going to switch over to the elegant new iPhone. I will need to stand in line at the local AT&T or start out early and get one at the Farmington Apple Store over the weekend prior to HAS. I am thrilled as it will link all my calendars, my address book and maybe mail along with my reference images etc. This baby is going to be used. I am not the power user with the phone (unlike A who I would hire as a secretary in a minute--Mr Communications) but semi hate it as it means work or someone telling me what to do. However, the iPhone will be the iSecretary with pictures, camera, addressbook, links to the web, calendar and will protect me with alarms, bells and reminders. It maybe will make me less scattered. Maybe.?

The sketch above is an approach to "let them eat cake" which poor Marie Antoinette was charged with saying but never did. I still love the "urban myth" spin on her and want to make a picture of it. I like the fact that the cake is part of the hairdo...maybe more like the boats and fruitbowls and can become larger and more outrageous. Or, as K proposes...make the cake become the hair (take a slice out of it?). I don't know if I have the skills to pull this off. I am listening to a few biographies of MA as I work (from Audible). One is from Carolly Ericsson (one of my absolute favorite historical biographers) and the other Antonia Fraser. It is great and is filling my empty head with ideas.

More later.