3x3 ProShow Winnners Announced

Congratulations to our winners! The judges have made their decision, the votes have been tallied and the results are in. Out of nearly 4,000 entries we'll have 200 winners exhibited in the annual.

Voting was tough as always but as always the judges were unanimous in their selections for the top winners. To be accepted into the show, your work must have received a majority of the judge's votes. Unlike many shows there were no really poor entries so that made it even tougher for the judges to cast their votes. So if you're one of the winners you should be very proud, if your work didn't make it in this year's show, it's not because it isn't good, it just means it's a tough show.

Thank you to the judges and for all who entered. Medal announcements will be made next week and each winner will be contacted about their winning entry(ies).

And!! Guess who got multiple (MULTIPLE) entries in this show. MEEEEEEEEEE!

So did Scott Bakal, Jim Cohen, Jim O'Brien, Don Kilpatrick and Greg Newbold! Yay for us all!!