this and that.

Back to semi reality. Got back early yesterday and got a bunch of this and thats accomplished. Then, had a very rewarding conversation with Lucia Tyler about the whole schedule and planning around the college viewing/application process. It makes me very nervous...but at least its all spelled out. Not a lot of mystery. Lots of scheduling. I can do that. It's the dragging the horse to water. Urg.

Meeting the bulk of today at Cornell about their Wildlife Conservation programs. Cornell has a Wildlife Hospital with outreach with the Gifford Zoo in Syracuse and the NY Zoos in Manhattan and the Bronx. Additionally, they do work in Africa related to preservation of species etc. I know at the end of the day I will be a bit more glib about all of this. They need a publication to spell out the story of what they do, and all the fingers that are changing this world. I love the vet who is the leader in this it should be an engaging time.

Glee club and band concert tonight. The school year is collapsing. Time seems to fold. I am stunned that this is another school year completed.

Beautiful cool, clear, low humidity day. We are blessed by the rain we had.