makes your hair stand on end?

God Bless the New York Public Library's digital library. I was tooling around last night and found piles of engravings on hairdos, shoes, fashion, fans around or about 1783 (which I am using as Marie-Antoinette's midpoint date)--I found a bunch of these head pages which I find are hilarious in their sheer exaggeration (or is it?) of the whole hair/hat thing. The lady (top row, far right) with the cap daintily perched atop the mountain of hair sculpture is my absolute favorite! I am loving the fact the engravings and paintings of the people, their environment etc. is the reference (or at least some of the reference) for this minibody of work. It communicates far more than just how something looks, but the composition, color, orientation etc. from the hand of others is amusing and also thought provoking. Fun all around.

Got up at 5 and got on the road at 5:30 spending the better part of half of my trip back trying to figure out how to dehumidify the foggy windows so AC cold, AC cold with windows open and windshield wipers going, to finally AC warm working. Tons of fog in the valleys and on the hills as I drove up the hills and down into the agricultural vales. There are strawberries and raspberries for sale. And the hanging baskets are going for about $10 less there than here. So, I am back in the saddle until around 3 when I have another meeting to attend. More later