Mei Mei is knocking on the door--insisting I let her in for a scrumptious breakfast of cat cookies and the requisite snore on the working mans' bed we have under our window here in the kitchen. Shady Grove has been denuded of her pink birthday finery and seems a bit droopy with the lack of flair. I ordered a new collar for her from Sierra Trading Post with reflective from pinkery to functional fashion I know she will love. We have been very cautious about the night time walk with our black dog since a local woman was killed due to a blind corner, bad visibility and her jogging with her ipod and earphones in each ear. No more of that for us or the kinder. Flashlights for everyone...and I am pondering even the idea of those crosswalk pinnies to make us be even more visible. See Me Fashion. And, I am not talking the little matchgirl grunge...but the bright orange Hunter style fashion.

It is very wet and cool--wonderful grass growing weather. We have done the preliminary broadcast of seed--the first, skimpier shot. Then, the lavish top off...and we then will have a lovely green span that fuses with the old grass. The pine trees are dumping pollen forever--coating the cars, and in the raindrops there are little loci of the pollen looking like bright green fried eggs. These pines also have lovely little raspberry, baby pinecones. The beginning of the new cone season. The trillium are blooming in Smith Woods as is the carpet of young mayapple umbrellas. Smith Woods is a forest on the edge of town which was given to the town with the requirement that nothing be done to the change to the woods, no paths, no planting etc. It is a very interesting and beautiful welcome to Tburg and some say, there are chanterelles that grow there. I think maybe a bit later if this damp weather continues--Shady and I will need to go and see if we can find our own mushrooms. We have these big (6" in diameter) chinese medicinal mushrooms (to admire) on Camp Street. We also grow tons of Shaggy Mane mushrooms here (to admire, though I have been told they are edible).Time to pull out the guidebook to mushrooms to begin to try and imprint them on this feeble brain.

Saturday is another big day here in Tburg. The Episcopal Church has their great rummage sale (8-11) with chicken barbeque and all sorts of all other fun. There are yardsales by the handful. And my favorite, Cow Plop Bingo at the Fair Grounds as a fundraiser for some team or another at the High School. We are hopefully going to his the Episcopal Church (we got a complete set of golf clubs, bag etc. for A last year for $35.--with a ton of other stuff that we passed up...and maybe shouldn't). And then off to the big track Invitational A. has been put in. A won (WON) all 3 of his events last night...despite a rather frightening discovery that he has a reaction to freshly mown grass. Need to call the Dr. about that this morning.

sketch above is one going to CE Jones for her new album.