The pinkified birthday went off without a hitch. The knee high, pink wellington boots (from Zappos) are on the feet today. The rhinestone encrusted pink watch adorns her wrist and pink perfume wafts over her. She was delighted with her small party filled with rosy presents--so we all had lots of laughs, jokes and pleasant talk. Sixteen is an amazing age.

Nice meeting with my pal at the Baker. We are moving on the book--making some photo/shot lists, reviewing copy, reviewing the design approach we are doing. All good. Using the raven from my work to plug into a layout for Carol Elizabeth Jones possible CD.More interesting moves with branding issues at the big green company.

Started using the elliptical equipment at the House of Health. I am going to startslow, but it wasn't as bad as I expected--the only trick is (1)staying on, (2) and getting off the right way versus backing off it trying not to fall over the wheel connections. I am queen of two left feet, and being short, gravity always is present in my existance. I gotta learn how to be cool with this because a face plant at the House of Health would be so humiliating and hinder my less than positive self image. Have an early morning phone call--so plan to do the elliptical a bit later in the a.m. tomorrow versus running late for the call. Slow but sure...and try not to be over stressed or over bored--cause this baby is Dr. Frankenstein's modification machine. If I can be coordinated with this, there could be some tremendous fitness gains.

Just got the reading list for the Business of illustrations course taught by the wonderful Jim Carson. We need to read this by mid July. Doable? Right?:

"Inside the Business of Illustration" by Steven Heller and Marshall Arisman, pages 1-122(read the rest if you have time)

"The Education of an Illustrator" (same), introduction and essays on pages 23, 29, 32, 36, 51, 53 (and any others)

Optional- "The Brand You 50" by Tom Peters

Just ordered the second hand versions from Amazon. Also just ordered a dozen bright warm red Oriental Poppies to stick in the deer's throats. I am feeling very positive about these poppies as they grow like weeds (good here)--and they are big and make a very powerful statement (which in a postage stamp lot is a problem--here...big works). Also ordered some Penstemion (Goats Beard) and some rather nice grasses to plant with them. I have this fantasy corner I want to plant with goodies those big vermin hate...but that takes if off of a beautiful,sunny weedbed. Why should weeds get all the good spaces? My tree peonies are going! I thought they were done for--but several of them are establishing and my oldest one has 4 big, plump buds that promise we might have a flower or two. Lilacs are coming. I saw a single wisteria in bloom today! It is all coming on! Mandy and I are focusing on that awful Garlic Mustard and pulling it out before it flowers. We have been at it now for a few years...and the population is definitely less. Pulling versus poisoning adds up.

More later