Took care of the prep for the en Famille PINK bday for K. There will be all sorts of Pink presents which I cannot dilvulge as yet--but a wide range of pinkery. K loved the beauty program at Rasa--which was nice...and she glows a bit from the experience. We had lots of yucks at the grocery store inbetween buying shampoo and pepto bismol pills for her. The day turned out to be beautiful and a bit cool. I bought pink ribbon and pink paper.Pink Fairies to suspend from the chandelier. Pink shopping bags and pink floral napkins. It is all too good...and having a mini theme makes it more fun--certainly edits the program. We talked about the friend party which will be on the 17th with "real" food (not pizza), and piniatas, and pin the jewelry on Kitty games. We will have relay races (she thinks that would be fun) and I am going to see if the Hot Truck will come as the dinner (wouldnt that be cool?). I used to have the ice cream truck come when they were little (this was an amazing thing...the truck would come and serve all the ice cream you would want or need--ANYTHING--even the fancy sundaes for all of $25.--and the truck would amble down our little alley ringing its bell). It had the same effect on the kids as it did their parents--they all looked at each other, unbelieving, and run...RUN up the hill. I don't think the first blush with the Hot Truck would do it for this group...but the next time!! I need to get cracking on this. More later. I have to cut out the invites.