a bit

Overcast and cool here. Wet. Must have gotten some rain last night. My drugstore roses are in English Garden Heaven with this weather, and I hope that we can continue on this path until those mean and unfortunate, indiscriminating deer decide to lop off their blossoms or devour their young leaves. My goodness, they are hateful beasts.

Today, K has a facial and a birthday massage. We are doing facials in place of dermatologists or drugs--K's decision which I can support. It gives her pleasure, and focuses regularly on her skin--so I do not take the place of honor as Chief Nag and Irritant...which can be an easy role for me to fill. A. is going to see Ironman with his pal at the Mall with a bus ride home by himself which is great. A. is way into getting a turntable, recievers and speakers to begin to collecct "old style" vinyl. He is too cool for school. I know when R gets home, this will be a great little thing for them to do. First old school golf clubs. Now old school stereo systems. When is this going to end. I am doing some groceries and thinking out K's party/bday events. I need to get on top of this.

R gets home around 7 to our pleasure. He will be exhausted--but I am sure with that, happy to be home to his sock drawer, his comfy clothes and his chatty family. Gotta go. More later.