Monday monday

Great success with the party. It was very Louisa May Alcott with games outside with sticks and balls, word and pantomime games inside along with someone playing the piano with everyone singing in HARMONY? They ate and drank everything. It all worked. The big surprise was the ease of fresh lemonade (reconsitituted frozen juice and simple syrup) and with the make it up as you need it...totally eliminated waste. Same goes for the pasta with pesto. We had leftovers that are in the freezer--and are eminently usable. K was delighted and delightful. There were presents and the right oohs and ahhs over the petit fours. I would be happy to have this group on a regular basis. So easy. And they all seemed to have a great time.

R is in Ft. Lauderdale. We miss him. We went to Ironman yesterday. K and I loved it with A and his friend Noah less so. It was a real treat. On the margins, I was researching my dream project-- which is derivative of the submitted requirements.

I was going down the path of 6 images of famous circus people--Blockhead (Melvin Burkhart), PT Barnum, Zippy the Pinhead or the Aztecs, Dolly Dimples or Baby Ruth (these ridiculously dressed fat ladies), The King of Albinos--Charles Price, a fireeater, Ajax the King of Sword Swallowing, A Snake Enchantress, Professor Hechler and his Flea Circus. And then some. I was looking at scary clowns and this thing can have legs. I could get excited about this...but to be honest, I dont know if it can be as whimsical and patterny as I would like to go. They are all portraits...which isnt the first thing I want to do...however, it might be good. So, this is option one.

However, I got up this a.m. with something fresh. In the tradition of going back to what you like--I have always loved mythology etc. and it would be great (I am itching to get going on I think this is even better) to do a series of anthropomorphic creatures: Mermaid, Satyr, Griffin, Sphimx, Harpie, Minotaur, Chimera and a few more. These could be great and em up in black and white with pen...and bring in color....So...I am going to research this today. I do like the circus idea...but not for now. This could be fun and I could really take this out a bit. And, I am feeling a bit better about all of this. I was cranky and withdrawn with the circus the old time music thing. Old Time died after talking with Jim Reidy on Saturday--and the work was fuzzy and out there. It is hard to get hooks into a specific with Old Time Music. Too many things going on.

Gotta go. Its a good cold day with a dark sky (43 degrees). Sitting outside and swimming in the ocean in Florida is not happening here. We have layers on and have cold noses.