On the list for today

Up early to get going. Meeting with members of Toivo soon to talk about their up and coming CD and how I can help them. It may be a graphic design project, or on the off chance, an illustration job. Jim Reidy wanted me to show them the deck I did for the CD currently in the works--to show the ideation, how I walk a concept around, look at the type etc. in a more finished, more complete way than they are used to. I think its a good idea as it could be the "teaching moment" of the relationship should it go forward, and why not...it can only better the conversation anyway.

K and I picked up the little cakes to her absolute pleasure yesterday. We picked up hot pink plates, napkins and the new version of Cranium with the design and illustration done by Gary Baseman.. albeit .a clean Gary Baseman. Gary links to Sketch Theatre, a series of YouTube Clips of different artists sketching in their sketchbooks..>> Here they are on YouTube>>Interesting to see how they develop a picture...like the wonderful Brodner does with his New Yorker clips....I am puzzling over who would think this is fascinating. But hey, there is something for everyone. But Sketchtheatre is about the bad boy/ Juxtapoz school of illustrators/artists . Of course, there are teeshirts...but they are cool. Worth a click over there. Back to Cranium, we tried it out...and you can have a ton of people play it...so I think this is going to be our alternative to egg races and pinatas (its going to rain..plus, the pinatas were all spiderman busts...nothing pink).

Great platters of pesto pasta with tomatoes, asparagus, bread, fruit and little cakes are on the menu. There will be music (and I am sure with a group of 50 teens--making out). There is Cranium and conviviality. So, we need to straighten and get ready.

R is in NYC today coming back from an overnight. Tomorrow, he is off to Ft Lauderdale then to NYC (the Roadshow is at the Cooper Hewitt for any of you who live in NYC and hopefully back here on Tuesday.

Coffee awaits. More later>>