Our Girl

K comes back from France today. From the two emails we got from her, the trip was more than she expected and she loved every bit. The deal with her peers from school was not an issue by the time she got to O'Hare and by the time she was in the air to Charles DeGaulle, she has some new best friends. So, that is that (and I gloat because I knew it...and told her so!--). So, we are up to Syracuse to pick her up--and will be thrilled to see her though my guess is that she will be planning and plotting for how she can get another ticket to get to France sooner than later. While we are at it, buy A a few pairs of what he thinks is stylish, pants. I just hope we can convince him to have them at least close to his waist size albeit nothing else looks as if it fits. He pulls it off...but it's teen fashion and you never know how you can get it wrong until you do. Additionally, we will see fixures and tile for the bathrooms in the works.

Dare Daniels (don't you adore his name...you would adore him too), the Mason To The Stars has been "at it", with the laying of stone and prepping the ground to have a ton of cement poured (my guess Monday/Tuesday of next week)to get the garage right and tight (and done) along with some stairs etc. Dare is amazing. He is heads down, don't get in my way--a very private man who is extremely motivated and very introspective about his work. We are thrilled to have him as he is a gem of a person and an amazing craftsman who takes the time to do the job right. So things are moving forward with our house projects.

Shady Grove is delighted to be at the lake. She opens the door and lets herself out to sun on the ground, or to guard us on the porch. She has had her spring shearing, so she looks much younger, much puppier and surprisingly cute. With her bangs cut, catching a pinecone is artful...and nary a drop or fumble.

As an aside, got an interesting call from an art director who is located in Interlaken. She was looking for resources who are designers, illustrators, artists for a possible project she has yet to be rewarded. I googled her and found quite a bit--that is very real with very real clients who value quality. She was quite nice and fun--and even if nothing happens, I look forward to meeting her...but if something does happen, it could be a tremendous vehicle to get my work out there in an entirely new venue beyond print. I hope I can say more later>>