My friends, the librarians

I was yacking away with my new friend, and stellar musician, Carol Elizabeth Jones, about old time music and sources for inspiration and reference I could go. She, being totally plugged in, recommended a few books and then send me to a wonderful place we all need to go..The Library of Congress' American Memories Page. There are great digital files you can access for starting points--also, if I were a teacher, files that would drop into a powerpoint for students to really see and understand the time, the topic, the idea in a meaningful way. I am delighted with the printed ephemera section down to actual folding diagrams to depict how a piece shown in the collection would be folded (as indicated in the name of the selection--Leaflet, folder Double Vertical Fold). These folding diagrams are fascinating as inspiration for design/print/illustration pieces on the possible table at the office.

Check it out. It's a fun time...that could have great payout...and it's free!(albeit supported by those taxes we all had to pay out this past week).