something for the armchair

Before the listmaking and planning happens for today, I just wanted to suggest that on this "day of rest" you consider a book I am reading, absorbing and frankly am shouting "right on!" about every other line. It is a very short book, more like an essay, that is a small (in size and page count) and through, an hour's listen. It is Sam Harris' "Letter to a Christian Nation". Harris slowly, and simply, starts with those things we all assume are part of the"Judeo Christian tradition" and takes them apart referencing scripture etc. He states facts to the reader he addresses as a Christian (as in right) and peels away all of these righteous approaches to our culture along with the same with Muslims etc. Harris' book makes you think. He makes us consider and weigh our mass think--and really points up traditions and philosophies that really are more moral and balanced. It is worth an hour of listening or a few of reading to shift your thinking during this time of amoral behavior at the highest places--and our lives day to day.

>>Sam Harris, Letter to a Christian Nation
If anything, read the comments left on the page on Amazon. The readers nail it...and present a fairly wide swathe of the thinking around Harris' work.

A breath of fresh fire." —Wall Street Journal

“I dare you to read this will not leave you unchanged. Read it if it is the last thing you do.” —Richard Dawkins, author of The Selfish Gene and The God Delusion

“It’s a shame that not everyone in this country will read Sam Harris’ marvelous little book Letter to a Christian Nation. They won’t but they should.”
—Leonard Susskind, Felix Bloch Professor in theoretical physics, Stanford University