Ice, any way you slice it.

More ice. More branches. More icy branches encasing beautiful, plump, rosy buds. I figured I would give you different ice than the glassy trees we have as I have marvelled at them. We went to Ithaca yesterday to have lunch (tous en famille) at Shortstop (key learning: 1, buy the super big one for a crowd...cheaper by miles, 2. always get the cheap drinks, 3. when travelling with teens, plan on them eating a full 12" sub in a manner that resembles a vaccum cleaner). They loved it. The ice cream picture and the typography from the ice machine is thanks to Shortstop.Then off for 2 pairs of gourmet track shoes for the oncoming season (both kids), and to TJ Maxx for teeshirts, shorts and warm ups. A bit of a financial smarting...but I am recovering. Signed up for 2 weeks of sports fun at Cornell this summer. Am working on K's activity with more choices thanks to my talking to the guidance counselor and reading the posters they have up in the hallways in the high school. We made a huge pile of the branches (some of them as big as trees) in front of the house--and shook all the evergreen's branches which made a tinkling clink clink to loosen up the ice and unburden the weight. More snow today. Hopefully in the 40s later this week.

Pool was perfect. Every shape and size were there. Need to finish my pix and start one of a waterfall. It never ends.
More later>>