back to our plateau

We had a nice easter dinner with the senior Cassettis and their interesting friends, Jim and Barbara. Even the youngers liked the conversation. Plus, Jim has a great deal of experience in asian culture and I am hoping that he can point up some cool stories (Hindu) that could be a platform for the Hartford children's book with Betsy and Ted Lewin.

R had surgery (outpatient) on his head this morning. Alex is shaking like a leaf with a fever (I just had to go be bossy with him in the bathroom--"do this, drink that, eat this, lie still, wear this" "are you feeling this way, are you feeling that way, are you cold, are you hot, are you going to throw up?" "Drink this. eat this". I am a real shrew. Spaghetti for everyone tonight. We all need to be comforted.

The new construction is progressing quickly (2 bathrooms, a closet and a laundry room carved out of a 1/2 of K's room (20' w x 10' space))--The pvc is in place, the framing in place, R is pencilling in closets and doorways to be cut out of the lathe and 150 year old plaster. Sad--but necessary to make this house functional (read, saleable). In the huge space, there is only one bathroom upstairs, and one down.. and given the entire space under the roof (including the apartment wings) is 8M sq ft. It looks like an error in the lack of amenities that most people expect in buildings of this scale. So the new bathrooms and the powder room we are putting under the stairs are significant changes that will be noted (somehow 2 new furnaces, storm windows and doors, cleaned chimneys (read 8), and a new roof isn't even noticed. That gets you to square one/ ground zero. These are the things of note. K is thrilled to have her own space for bathing...and it will take the load off the one bathroom we have that never seems to get dry. Ah luxury!

Must go to boil the water (and tear the sheets?)