Peace be unto you.

I am so dumb. Truly. Prior to going to Texas, I didn't give it a minute's thought about how the culture might be, what the customs and approaches were like and I was caught surprised. Truly surprised. From the crusaders flag, enormous (or perhaps just the description, Texas sized), red and white with a story tall letters spelling out JESUS to the shopping center sized churches to softball ads promoting community (seemed as it they were going to talk about special programming at the YMCA) with the close of the ad promoting thus and so Baptist Church--I wasn't in "Kansas" anymore (or maybe I was?). While I was getting my big gulp of caffeine, there was a table of ardent looking people settling in to have a nice big breakfast, when they joined hands, bowed their heads and had a chat with the Big Guy. They don't do that here. And, prior to the Rodeo, there was a schmaltzy "God Bless America" presentation with flags and galloping horses with everyone standing (as if it was the pledge of allegiance) in respect. Then, on to the rodeo prayer. Heads down--AMEN. whoa. Then there were the crosses. Crosses with Milagros (love that) but then on cowgirl hats, pocketbooks, big honking pendants around the necks, emblazoned in silver foil applications across tight tees, on spangly belts. Now, I cannot say if that is specifically religious as Madonna brought the cross back to being something cool and not overtly "my first communion"--but somehow with this set--fashion is pretty much middle of the road (not Madonna) so there might be some symbolism there. I was afraid someone would find out that I was not "golly,gee gosh" and that hell and damnation awaited my beyond the door. But you all know that. No news there.

I have asparagus, gloriously thin asparagus to steam and cheese to arrange as there are Easter festivities to join. The table is set with my giant folkloric bunnies (blue and white), my two steuben bunnies designed by R, and more jelly beans than you can count. The snow is receeding. The lake is rising. I feel hopeful that things might soon (at least in a month) begin to green up. How lovely would that be? Easter is a good day to think about renewal, change and the cycle of life and living. I have much to look forward with my work, my life with the nearest and dearest, and the hope that our 600 daffodils will crowd our tabletops and vases for a fragrant progression into Spring.

Happy day to you all.