an aside

I can't get over how almost barren even the populated areas are here in this town. Seems very stripped down, stark. Hollow... empty...However, because the weather protects the older buildings and they seem almost new...the bricks are still sharp, detail maintained. The Stockyard was a bit of the shockyard as I mused outloud to Gerry, asking dumbly "are these guys in costume?" referencing a pack of men in cowboy hats, boots, belts, vests...the rig...and Gerry's response was that " no, that's what we wear here". The Texan version of Trachten. If you are proud, you wear it. I love the range of hats and boots from the flat brims to the real live ten gallon hat. From white boots with turquoise trim, brown boots with kiwi trim, or elegant snakeskin ones with tips that could kill cockroaches in corners. You wear your pride--and I guess, this is the piece that gives some soul to this austere environment. Peacocks on the plains.