A tiny selection of the unbelievable work of HAS Students

Images shown:
Landscape: Ron Mazellan
Portrait of Lori Ann Levy-Holm: Chuck Primeau
Angel: Greg Newbold
Bear: Jacqueline Decker " my belly button broke into a smile" Murray T.
3D Postcard: Lori Ann Levy-Holm

There was a critique yesterday of the work completed to express the Pasadena area/ Pasadena trip that the Hartford students took last fall. Every single piece was wonderful--each showing each student's skill, his/her personaliity and helping them evolve. Many of the students tried new things, new media, new approaches and leaned into the assignment to terrific results. The critique was interesting for me--as I nervously scribbled notes about new techniques, new ideas, things to try, things to think about, turning ideas on its head. The bar is high (as you can see), the talent diverse, the work interesting. I cannot imagine doing everything to keep up with this pack. The larger class dynamic is going to be great.