Man, what a week. A screamer from the start til Friday. Lucky me, however--I got all the work done so Sunday is optional unless I want to wrap up (which I do) Momento Mori 2, getting the new images for the illustration site (from Memento Mori 2) and start some new pix for the Baker (a cat and a horse). I see an hour or so making new pictures for myself.

Icy on the ground here. Get on the spikes. Just standing still, and you move. Dark grey sky at a quarter to nine in the morning. Looks like snow. But, it doesnt smell like snow.

Am delighting in reading snippets from Braudel's social histories (all blocked out during time periods). I love these books as you can jump entirely into clothes, fashion and style, or food and dining, or houses and living, politics and religion. It is written beautifully, a rich slice to snuggle with before the marvelous state of dark unconsiousness I look forward to every day. I am reading about food right not...and how those foods that are out of everyman's reach (and therefore expectation and taste)--once they become adapted by the rich, having it extend into the everyman's diet is not far behind. And once it becomes an everyman's dish, it loses it's exotic quality and cuisine advances. He was listing all the meat (which he surprises us to say was really commonplace--for every plate (time frame is 1550-1650) from all sorts of four legged beasts and every bird imaginable from swans, to herons and cranes to small birds. He is talking about the development of the fork and plate--how they were expensive and very expressive of wealth and position. I need to dive in again soon...drinking my delicious Gimme! Platinum Blonde (favorite) and toasting my toes to the Jotul 602 Cricket.

Had a great chat with Carol Tinkelman about this and that and most particularly about Hartford. I may do a little copywriting (ey yi yi!) for her for a postcard (which I have been enjoying musing about) to promote the program. I am thinking we should probably have some running text with a sidebar of bullets so we get it all out---with a shortie punchlist should someone not want to read the copy. Carol sent me a great press release that they are sending out and 3 CDs of the opening slide shows for the first day of school and the graduating show for the class of 2007. The Graduating show was impressive (a tad long) but really depicts the process of the program, the camaraderie and relationships the students and teachers have, and finalizing with the work. My only critique from this show and from the opening shows is that maybe we can have some snapshots of each person to link name with face with work. She also sent me a bunch of testimonials/critiques from the students about the program. Some of the former SU graduates mouthed my expectations that they thought that the UH program would be a mirror of the SU program, its energy etc and how wonderfully surprised they were in how the UH program is a new paradigm, a new beat, a higher bar. And, what is really cool was that I had the chance to see the first slides of the same students before they entered the program and then with the graduation slide show, I had the chance to see how their work had moved from the experience. And, everyone's work significantly moved --some people phenomenally, to a higher level and presentation. How does one depict that change? And the invisible stuff like personal change and growth? Hmm.

More later.