Wet Paint, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Discovered that Wet Paint has more than just the Pentel Pocket Brush pen (and cartridges). I like Wet Paint cause they have stuff that Blick, Utrecht and ASW (Art Supply Warehouse) do not have. None of them really rock with the graphic stuff. And guess what? Buried in the subcategories, Wet Paint has a lot of this cool stuff--like manga and cartoon paint (black, white, grey and the basics), same thing with cartoonists ink (I assume black is what its about...load on the carbon?), all sorts of british dip pens and nibs, manga and cartoon boards (with or without photoblue printed windows, grids or layout formats all under the subcategory in Paper as Comics). I cannot wait the Graphix Introductory Kit (duoshade drawing board kit)--a wonderful item of exotica that this novice is on the edge of her seat about. What? You ask, is this miraculous thing? Well, let's let the pros from Wet Paint tell us:

... this is an often requested product: Duoshade drawing board by Grafix. These drawing papers are processed with two invisible tones (dot & line patterns) that are made visible by applying the developers with a brush or pen. Its like having hidden screen tones right in the paper!

This kit includes three 3-ply bristol boards and one sheet of vellum, all 8.5x11; developers; illustrated information and pattern chart with complete directions for using Grafix shading mediums.

Can you imagine? OH. My. god. Can you say fun? Probably more toxic than anything we can imagine---second hand smoke? Turpentine? all those goodies you need to do screenprinting? But a barrel of monkeys more fun too. (can you guess-- I have one on order!). I also got some of the preprinted board, manga ink and some red Herbin (closeout) ink cartridges to put in a rotring for added partying.

Wet Paint, Inc.
Artists' Materials & Framing
1684 Grand Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55105

I am ready to go!!