Upcoming 3x3 Shows

Note on the Student Shows>>Hey Hartford Pals: This means us!

3x3 Student Show
As always this show is open to all undergraduate and graduate students in all art schools, colleges and universities around the globe. Work must have been completed in calendar year 2008. A partial list of this year's judges include illustrators/educators Alexandra Kardinar, Germany; Gary Embury, United Kingdom; Clemente Botelho, Canada and Martha Rich, John Hendrix, Nora Krug of the US. Rounding out the judges is artist representative Pat Lindgren, Lindgren & Smith.
Entry deadline: February 14, 2009

3x3 ProShow
Open to all art directors, editors, designers and illustrators. Categories include: Advertising, Animation, Books, Editorial, Fashion, Gallery, Institutional, Self-Promotion, Sequential, Three-Dimensional and Unpublished. Our judges to date include art directors Alexandre Lagoet, Amsterdam, Raban Ruddigkeit, Germany and SooJin Buzelli and Darlene Simidian, the US as well as illustrators Roman Klonek and Monika Aichele, Germany, Marco Ventura, Italy and Yuko Shimizu, the US.
Entry deadline: March 14, 2009

3x3 Children's Book Show
Open to all art directors, editors, authors, designers and illustrators from around the world. All published and unpublished children's books completed in 2008 are eligible. We are in the process of naming our judges for this year's show.
Entry Deadline: April 14. 2009

We will begin accepting entries on January 5 but full details are available online at 3x3mag.com, Shows. All entries must be either uploaded or received by the deadline. Winners will be featured in the 3x3 Illustration Annual No. 6 coming out in late 2009.