keeping up--or at least trying to.

New list. New Week. Gotta get going. Lots of pick ups and deliveries. Lots of trips to the post office. New graphics for 2300 degrees at the Museum. Just found this amazing YouTube video of the 2300˚ event which, I must admit, was created at my kitchen table with my hubbie and me just jawboning about "what if"...and all the postcards you see on this film were designed and executed by me. There have been close to 10 years of 2300˚ events with one better than the next--increasing attendance, attention and ability for the Museum of Glass. Plus, they have managed to crash through the age barrier getting the younger executives to engage...and plan their social life around the third Thursday of the month starting at the Museum. There are far more for each and every event (one even got into 3x3's annual show)--so seeing this all jelled is quite amusing, and amazing. But as you know, ideas are cheap--(and plentiful) it is the action, activity and effort that takes jawboning and ideas and makes it real. If it weren't for the amazing team at the museum, it might have stayed an idea. It is their taste, energy, humor and insistence in the event getting better and better which has driven this success. I feel a bit like a proud parent!