On the bus

Had a nice time with old college friends in town with their twin sons
I'm tow (college tours to see Cornell, Syracuse and Ithaca College).
They were all great, the kids were charmers.And we all had a nice time
with pancakes on the lake, pizza in Tburg and tours of the house and
the Taughnnock falls overlook.

I am packed for NY as well as the bumper trip to Miami. This bumper is
a treat as it is the naming cruise for the first of Celebrity's newest
class of ships, The Solstice. We are going with a contingency from the
Corning Museum of Glass to see the ship live along with witnessing the
newest outpost of hot glass demonstrations ,atop these new ships.

So I have it covered for snow and sun.The week with Hartford should be
fun and not too over the top as frankly I feel a bit rundown and
tired. We will be seeing a top flight group of illustrators from Steve
Brodner, Zina Saunders, Leo and Diane Dillon, Arnold Roth, Peter
deSeve to name a few. There is a crit of our illustrations for Vin
diFate. Wears also going to Brooklyn to have a photography workshop
with Ted and Betsy Lewin. There will be a visit to Illustration House.
We meet at the Society. So it's illustration, illustration,

It's tight on the bus with everyone chattering away on their cell
phones--a veritable babelmobile!

More later--