rush rush

Now is the sorting and culling. The. cleaning and picking bits out, sorting the types of things from my bags. One shirt not two. Underwear. Camera and cables. Earphones. Phone and plugins. Done Done Done. Get those rechargeable batteries charged. Minime charged. Do I need this tiny tube of toothpaste? or do I have too few/many pens. Flash drives to drive the universe. It's as if I am going to Patagonia for a lifetime...and not to NYC for 4 days. Jeez...Need to dig out the bag and load in the q-uniform. High quniform, low quinform. Night quinform, day quniform. Umbrella? What kind of coat? Less is more. It will be warmer than I would anticipate. Must make this quick as there are bags to find, laundry to do, money to get and so on. Which color? Black overall, It think. More tomorrow or later today. This is the best I can do.