HAS:Day Three

"If I had my life to live, I'd live over a delicatessen."

"How would you keep them down on the farm once they've seen the farm?"

Two opening quips from Arnold Roth who led our meetings today. These quotes were attributed to Abe Burrows, commedy writer. He led us in a merry chase quoting all sorts of funny people, introducing us to Humbug, the magazine, Poor Arnold's Almanac, and some terrific english images (Princess Di and Camilla Parker Bowles for examples). He had a wide ranging career from replacing PG Wodehouse with an english publication to spreads in the New Yorker. He pretty much has had free rein throughout his career (57 years of freelance) with his work, opinions and approaches even down to a cute story of how he pushed back Hugh Heffner about details in his History of Sex series he did for Playboy.

We then had a great presentation by Daniel Abraham on copyright based law, why it is important, roughly how to do it, and what the levels of registration represents--wheither legal bills and fees or just fess for the illustrations covered. It made me very paranoid, but Mr. Abraham saliently suggested that these forms and submissions should happen on a regular basis--maybe having the quarterly tax day also be registration day...?

The afternoon was a crit of a selection of all of our images from the photohoot yesterday afternoon. It was wonderful the imagery we had all produced. There were hoots and catcalls from the audience along with captions for each one. The work was pretty amazing and refreshing in the simplicity of the light, the incamera composition and the approach each group took with their models.

When we were out getting lunch, we bought some holiday presents at Pylones, a store I saw in London with tons of color and decorative films laid on everything from toasters and sippy cups, to yoyos, whisks, and brushes, pens and trivets, wallets and key chains. Color galore. Very fun and exciting. I bought things for clients and others...inspiring for all of us who illustrate.

I showed the sketch work I am doing to my thesis advisor who recommended I keep going. Would I consider trying scratchboard? Tinting with watercolor? Tinting with other paint? Work with some figures. It was all good and moving. Positive feedback about the work from him, my mentor and others who were interested in looking at the deck. Now all I have to do is keep going.