whoa! stop!

Look at the time! I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Too much in compressed time. Did get to the House of Health and went into the "girls only" weight room which was quite fun after walking fast and listening to books. Then, back in the saddle here and it was full steam until I got to a computer failure and I had to slow down. The printer has been having (I think issues with paper because of the low humidity)--a moment which makes things going out the window a concept worth considering.

Revisions of illustrations needed chop chop. Am figuring out how to work fast...might not be the ultimate scaleable work as the vectorization takes big time...but am chopping in amendments, adding and cutting to change the art without constantly having to redraw. Though, tonight I have a redraw for a client...which hopefully will go on the board during the debate.

Called K's art teacher to talk about whether I needed to drive to Ovid and back to get a package to Indiana so K's postcards would get to her friend and back by Friday. K missed the date, its due Thursday. And, the cards should have been at the postoffice by the end of September. So, the first date was missed and we dawdled until the wee last moment. I am losing patience. I guess I need to read her planner each night as she is not keeping track of her work...and I am going to lose sleep over this. Not K...there is something wrong here.

Barbara made me a belated birthday lunch (all cooked on her grill) of a autumn squash lasagne with hot italian sausage, and a Erich made a salad. She also made a cheesecake (on her grill!). Brilliant....and delicious. I was touched. We put our heads together and made a list for the Regional to order later this week...Good stuff....and a nice range from crackers, cheese, bread sticks, olives, pate, smoked trout and grape leaves. We will need to do a bit of a fill in with Wegmans--but we will have it covered. I am feeling a bit better.

Tomorrow, I have a trip to Pennsylvania for a naming session. Should be interesting...and beautiful with the pumpkins and mums. Hopefully I can pick some good stuff up on the way down/back.