on it

It was a very wierd and enlightening moment yesterday. I had several of my pieces, hand drawn, and vector all on my computer screen all about the same small size. And surprisingly, they all seemed to come from the same place, not that there was this type of work, and that type of work. Somehow this blew me off my chair. I really do not have to differentiate my vector work from the hand drawn thing...they def live in the same space...albeit one from in between my ears, the other inspired by manipulated photographs etc. Same look and feel. May not be able to live on the exact page but sure can sit on the same wall next to each other.

Yesterday it was a day of groceries and walking around Ithaca Commons. We had a great time at Petrune--a vintage clothing store that we can take our own Ken and Barbie and make them try on things. The best were these Saville Row, handmade grey pinstripe suits that fit A. as if they were made for him to the tune of $75- $80 a pop. Gorgeous english tweed jackets. We got a very cute late fifies dress (stiff, pleated, full taffeta skirt in steel grey with thin pink horozontal stripes with a chocolate brown velvet waistband (tall) with a brown wool bodice (knit) with little knit tied bows on the short sleeves and at the back neck). Then, off to the used record store to buy The Who's Quadraphenia for A. and his passion for older music in very out formats. Next will have to be Quadraphonic, eight track in his pad.

Early out this a.m. with a trip to the House of Health. It was great. I am beginning to like it more again. Lots to do...more later.