Got a haircut today. Took a bit of time...but am delighted with the results. We have guests for this week so I need to be a bit more on my game> breakfast, lunch, dinner and the office thing.Am going a bit crazy as I just keep throwing work out the door, doing travel arrangements, holiday planning, and OMG here comes Xmas! I really want a span of meditative drawing and planning as the last three weekends and weeks have been solid work with no ease in there. I hope this weekend will give me a bit of tranquility and time to draw. Am suffering with a logotype...P and D with innocuous imagery as the work is hard to depict. Out come the tiger stripe. Out come the poking in and poking out of the letterforms. Overlapping, redefining and juxtaposing. Dinner is ready to be served. Must cut it quick tonight. Tomorrow is soon.