please hold

Running a freaking travel agency here. Remember the good old days of sitting with a lady behind a beige selectrics typewriter who would quiz you about your favorite things, your seat preference, food, and so on. You would spend time travelling the world in your imagination with this person who somehow knew about hotels and how those bulky card decks of tickets worked and the money you will need. Now, it's figure it out yourself baby. So, I decided today, I would cash in a ton of miles. I scheduled a RT to San Francisco (first class as its the same mileage as coach is never available) for March, and a bunch of one ways from Miami in the next month. Now, all I will need to do is go to Hotwire for hotel rooms in Miami when we aren't covered by expenses. Closer to the date is better. I have gotten four star hotels for $100 a night in Miami before. We'll see with the economy tanking. It feels great to get this planning off the table. I think I can do a round trip to NJ in one day and save myself two hotel rooms and incidentals that I might need to incur with the alternative way I was going to use to get there. Plus, I get two full days of work versus 2 halves and the day away.

I have more holiday cards, a booklet, and a logotype to design. Need to get going. Soon, I will have to have a scanathon with the ink drawings I have in my notebook. Need to change out the Vin picture this weekend for NYC in a few weeks.

More later.