Such politesse

I was struck with how polite everyone was to each other last night in New Hampshire--Everyone pleasing and thank you-ing each other, congratulating the winner (with some sort of nice recognition or anecdote), I thought I was losing it. What with the Brute in Chief, Rummy and all the rest of the monkeys (including Duke Blackheart) all flicking the bird at each other and the general populace, it was refreshing to see some practiced kindness and manners that elevated the playing field from the mire we have been existing in for the last eight years. It was impressive to see many of the candidates presenting themselves with intelligence, manners projecting an image of dignity. I am hopeful for many of the candidates--They seem to project a presidential air far more than anything we have seen in recent past. I don't love anyone (yet) but I am optimistic that change will be good. It seems someone is trying to listen to the heartbeat of our nation and perhaps rally us be stretching to be better versus ashamed of who we are. I am tired of Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and the OC Housewives being the stretch for all of us versus educated and capable people who aspire to excellence versus the land of bling and sex.

I did a little tour of the newly revamped University of Hartford ISDP websiteand reviewed the portfolios of the 2008 and 2009 classes. My goodness, there are a wide range of really talented people in the program! Its a bit paralyzing. I am getting very, very nervous. And the alumni (also now on the site as well)--with what looks like representative images from their thesis work. I did say I was getting wired with I got on my surfboard and wildly was searching more I could see from the program. Jim O'Brien has two blogs--one on Hartford with pages on their trip to Pasadena, Summer 2007 (with shots of the field trips, teachers, students and facilities) which is great as it fleshes out the imagination. Jim is very astute--and seeing the program through his eyes doesn't make it any less scary--but makes it very real. It looks very nice and very much like a program (not the class of 4 from Syracuse). So, it will be great to be in a bigger group of people with a wide range of skills and talents unlike the close in group of the past two years. So, yes--I am nervous...but at least I have a good idea of what I am getting into...unlike the SU experience.

Did I tell you I am was invited to join the group (HAS ISDP) in Texas as we will not do it during my stay at SU? Ticket is bought. Room reserved. I am excited to see the Texas illustrators, to see Murray at the Rodeo, and to meet with my future classmates and get some idea of what to expect for July. It was very kind of the Ts to include me.

Trying to get some work done and out today. Erich's computer got a new Motherboard from the Applecare guy that came to the headquarters. So, maybe we can get back to normal tomorrow...and get the scanner to be operational. I have a dozen sketches I need to stuff into my computer to finalize the Memento Mori book. Number two book is almost ready to go to press (LULU)--With plans for the next one being January 1, 2008- March 31, 2008-- I will have some scrap to start the thesis with. I was thinking I should really try to pencil in what I want to do for a thesis--with maybe a little statement (always good to do--lesson from August- October 2007--write a statement and you have something more than a random group of pictures--the writing makes it sensible and tangible to other people). Plus, with some writing at the same time as the creation of the body of work, it may drive more/different learning through the push pull that both activities provide.

Exciting to have the second book almost done. Not much writing or excerpts from my blab here. That was determined in October. However, the response is that people like reading it. Book Three will include writing --and continue where Book One left off. It will be interesting to see where the work goes in the next quarter. I do not feel like this is in any way exhausted...and with the reading of the last quarter, I feel ready to do a little personal riffing--and see where freeform imagining can take me. I may be looking at a font (derived from the gravestones) and /or some color palettes to take it a little bit further. I think I am still sticking with black and white. We'll see what happens.

I have been trying to work with the projector--and am inspired by what I can do with it...but it isn't something one should use all the time. Again, new tool I need to figure out.

More later>>