Pashas on flying fish

I apologize for being a bit off my game and not giving you an entry yesterday. I am in a funky state of progress and yet, no progress--work moving but not ahead, dinner cooked--but not "on". I feel a bit like the rubber ball that is thrown, hits a wall and rebounds to the left and right until returns to the thrower. Scrambled might be the word. Confused?

However, I was reading the holiday Elle Decor magazine and fell in love with this work. The images above are done by Alexander Gorlizki, an English artist, and Riyaz Uddin, a master Miniature painter in Jaipur, Rajasthan. They collaborate on images that take the miniature painting to entirely different and wonderful place. You can see their work (paintings, portraits, packaging and products at their website>> There are flying elephants and pashas riding fish. Funny sunfaces, exotica like high heels and flamingos mixed in with traditional figures and calligraphy. Of course, they had magnificent indian palettes and patterns--but some of these images also are rendered on a stark white field. A little breath of fresh air--and a little inspiration about cross fertilization amongst cultures and skills. Gets me going.

It is hot around here for winter. 40˚ going to maybe 60˚ with all of our snow melted and mud mucky. The gang is full bore on the carriage house push back. Mandy is here painting. Dare Daniels is done. And Jamie, electrician extrodinaire is finalizing the electrical piece. New garage doors (fakes for wooden ones that work from Genson in Skaneatalas ). So, by spring, the "door yard" of the house will look a little more polished and a lot less Appalachian, and may function a whole lot better--opening up the possibility of the kitchen and back of the house project that dovetails with it. As R proclaims, it really brings us much more "pride of place". Slow but sure though.

CA and Print entries need to happen. The SILA and SOI work needs to get out in the next week. New work with new clients need to get ramped up. Need to finalize things with the glass stuff that is. Have already started looking for summer programs for K and A. Found an interesting week of training for Cross Country for A...and something else. Do they have a history of film making for eighth graders? (NOT). This truly is a labyrinth that wouldnt be so simple if it weren't for the good old internet.

Work awaits.