thoughts from the pool of dilemmas

I was musing while I went back and forth in the swishy blueness of the Pool of Dilemma. If your spirit is released from the physical in death, then where does it go? Towards the light? Do they stay here? Do they watch and guide on this level? or do they join the larger energy? If one is deaf and there is birdsong, because one can't hear, does that mean that the birdsong doesn't exist? Or does it only exist to those that can tune into that band? to those with ability or access to that energy? Could the human physicality be the blocker to that other place? It's the same with sight. If you are in an unfamiliar dark room, do the things in the room exist as you cannot see them? or because you can slightly perceive them and understand it with your other senses--are they there? are they shadows of their reality? Is this the way it is with us and other spirits that exist on a parallel plane? Are we more perceptive as children or artists--those that are more accepting of the abstract? Or is it our age and the closest we are to birth and death? In later years, my grandmother was always visiting with her sisters who would perch on the end of her bed to chat about their trips and times they spent together as young women? Or children and their imaginary friends?

Maybe instead of the blue pool, I should consider a blue pill?