a bit of the seventies in California.

Just got loaded up with a pile of pictures. Am busy moving the piles of stuff around the office with one or two of them getting moved onto other desks and offices, finally. Moving and moving. Whirling like a dervish--correcting typos, changing colors, moving pictures, changing ideas, switching programs, yaking on the phone and around and around again.

Saw a few great movies after dinner for the last two nights. I recommend these highly:
Dogtown and Z-Boys

Dogtown is a terrific documentary about the birth of skateboarding in Southern California around 1975. It dives into the Zephyr (Z) team, their style and drive, their pursuit and love of the sport and how this group of kids created an industry. Essentially, if these guys couldn't surf all the time, they would surf on the land. In swimming pools (they borrowed), in the cement byways and streets of LA. They fused as a team and essentially a family under the leadership of Jeff Ho,Skip Engblom and Craig Stecyk . It really painted a great picture of the time, the sheer innovation and energy of these people--which begins to set up and explain the traditions we see in skating today. A perfect California day during this frosty winter eve.

Riding Giants is in the same mode--but all about surfing. Whoa. It is paralyzingly scary but at the same time very dynamic, athletic and surprisingly very spiritual in the way the surfers regard their sport and their waves.

Take a look.