Were you thinking of having your picture painted?

Maopost.com / Chinese propaganda posters

They say about themselves:
Maopost is a site dedicated to China propaganda posters. Created by two enthusiastic collectors, Pierre Lavigne and Pierre Budestschu, it has recently been enhanced with a unique concept: the site commissions personalized oil paintings in which a real person's portrait is seamlessly incorporated into an otherwise faithful reproduction of a classic propaganda poster. Other projects, which endow the propaganda imagery with a humorous and creative twist, are in the pipeline.

Check out the section that is headlined " Your portrait oil painted like a Chinese propaganda poster">>
For as low as $169. bucks you can get your face painted into a preexisting oil painting rendered from propaganda poster art. They come in two sizes-- 24" x 15" for $169 and 32" x 21" for $269. You can select a background from an edited selection or if nothing there appeals to you, you can choose from the entire Mao Collection of 1500 plus posters!

Think of the fun you could have! Or better yet, think of this for a themed Annual Report (put your chairman's picture here?). You could really go nuts for less than $2,000. Or for the holidays? Your thinking?