Not holding my breath

Churning away on the paying work. May have a window of time to do the personal stuff (more Toughcats I think)--tonight as K has play practice until 9 and our poor baby boy has more ELAs tomorrow, which is a trial for him. Got seven logos proposals to the Music Boosters, a parent group at our school. I did these logos as a way to get out from being a member of the food service select (this is the way they raise money)- Makes me itch as there is a chance this little simple project, a bit of do gooding might boomerang. I could end up dazed and confused. We will wait and see. I got a little prickly (thank goodness I had time in the Pool of Dilemmas at the House of Health to work it out prior to picking up the phone. I should assume anything for a group is going to be problematic--and know this is not going to change when I raise my hand and volunteer. I am not going to hold my breath over this one.

I was thinking about the time we spent in California--and the 125 pictures I took each day. You know, that sharpens up what you see--regardless of whether it is a new environment or what we know and love. I was looking at the landscape (which was white and stark today)) and thinking about the way things look. I need to try to take at least 50 shots a day to see my known world a bit differently. At least, I need to try to do this.

Projector is going on now.
More later.