I think there is a stylistic link between what Leger does relative to the puritan spirit effigies and they way they are realized. The whimsey and looseness of Leger's women and the circus performers (with their naive placement of arms, legs etc) fits with the funny spirit heads, which in some cases are equally naive and disproportionate to that of Leger. Granted, what the brush can do against the chisle on stone is slightly different--but what with what some of the calligrapher cum gravestone designers can do...align nicely.I should try to fuse them together to see what happens. If I were Gary Kelley, I might take a leap and work them together. Gary is a fan of working art history into images/illustrations (for me, bring it on as I adore art history). It will take me a bit wider on where I have been going..but worth spending a few sketches to test the waters. Maybe a little looksee with the projector?

A few more hours needed on the second Memento Mori book. Love the new format (square--7.5" x 7.5" as it is a good shape and also its on the creamier, uncoated text paper with the good, rich blacks). I should be able to get it to Lulu by Thursday this week. Book Three began January 1 (-March 31)--so,the Hartford Texas trip noodles will be in this piece. Am giving it some thought to perhaps reconfigure the first volume to this square format so I have a stack of books when they are done.

Another idea: When we were at Art Basel Miami, there were some nice shops in the Miami Convention Center (Taschen book, Davidoff, the Cartier Foundation, and some other art book shops). One of the art book shops had mini bound portfolios with small editions of one color (black ink on cream paper) prints in a little casebound portfolio. When I say little, they were about 5" x 7"finished size. Perhaps I need to spend some time with Joe Seppi at Pioneer press to see if he can do that sort of thing. I am thinking a small portfolio of letterpress images (maybe on a luscious paper like a high rag content Rives either cream or tan?) or even some on black paper with white ink(or matte foil) as another way to get the work out. I have even thought it might be fun to try it out with a valentine?(that is letterpress imagery). Need to get rolling if that is going to happen.

Onward to a toughcat.