Chris Conn Askew

Fox and Girl, 2007

Chris Conn Askew is a former tattoo artist who is coming to the fore with his illustration and personal art. There was a great article on him in Juxtapoz which inspired me to want to learn more. I love his storybooky topics that he twists using a very simple palette with strong design/line work with a simple color palette (much like tattooing). Its interesting his new work is so strongly in vertical rectangles (which is a framed shape that might morp from a tattoo arm or leg shape. His type is sublime. I would love to see some wine labels done by him...or even some exotica like absinthe advertising.

I am fascinated with these tattoo artists...either the working guys in the business and also those that stop the tattooing and segue to art. Mike Giantand Ed Hardy,Chris Conn Askew are top of mind--but I plan to do a bit more boning up on this as I love the structure of their work, the integration of color (often ancillary to the design), the line work, and the simplicity of the message. My work is evolving and this channel could give me insight with these elements. There is a cool magazine, Tattoo Artist Magazine might be a good reference in addition to the Taschen book(icon).

Off topic but exciting, Perseopolis, the graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi is a movie (art house)which has recieved a Golden Globe Nomination for Best Foreign Language Film. The books were very good--perhaps because I am a girl as it addresses a ton of women's issues, viewpoints and attitudes--but particularly expressive in her simple and strict black and white illustration. Here are some clips>>

Cleaning up some projects for Monday. Going to start the Toughcat to be paired with our old pal, the choker. More later, I hope!