Dreary Sunday

Tuned to you tube last night. Bruce took me on a tour of old Beatles videos, tribute videos, videos of friends of his that are artists, and videos of folks like Patti Smith, Billy Preston, George Harrrison. A great survey I might not have tapped. I can see how K and A are into it. Its TV without tv.

Bruce is doing some interesting things--like supporting a bunch of designers in his studio building in Baltimore. He is doing nice web work working with the same designers and others. He is developing a former classmate who lives down south to use him as a support service (I mean, we all can live in one place and work in others!! what with fed ex, web ex, faxes, emails etc--anything is possible!). I am impressed with his viewpoint on all of this and his ambition to make all of these plates spin harmoniously. I am inspired.

Plans for illustration, track shoes and prepping for next week for K and A today. Rainy here. I am sitting on the porch with the rain, drinking in the high hosta, lily scent. We saw a pair of hummingbirds up close yesterday. We also have had a big collection of "leaf" bugs this fall. I hope we can swim next weekend.

Absolute downpour this afternoon. We have two new pairs of high top, Converse Chuck Taylors, several pairs of no see-em socks, a sweater, some boys underwear and a pair of puma track shoes everyone is simply delighted with. We also bought some plain colored english teapots and three cup/and teapot singletons for giving away for Christmas.Goal again for this year is Christmas done by 11/11 and wrapped and boxed for shipping by Thanksgiving. This is very achievable.

Back chez Camp for drawing, signing papers for school, packing lunches and making dinner in a civilized fashion in prep for the first full week of school. Oh, and did I say listmaking? Listmaking, too.

The folly above is constructed from drawing and rough inking a quarter of the image. Might make an interesting bookplate or even frame to hold an illustration. Time to expand this idea. It "goes" with a pattern I worked up in the Moleskine...I dont know how truly Memento Mori it is...but spiritually it is as it is part of the flow of work. I need to get the scanner cranked up as there are some nice images from yesterday. more for this week. I am still loving this stuff.