Up, Up and Away!

R. is speeding towards France as we speak. Boissbuchet awaits along with cheese, lavender and art. I am a tad bit jealous. We are lakeside with the wind whipping the water up (thankfully we had our paddling twice before). A front is moving in...and the humidity is going down. Spent some time looking at my big book on Byzantine art...which is a nice reinforcement to the Marblehead images for the sketch process for Memento Mori. They have simplified things in a very similar way...I found a tremendous lion and doubleheaded eagle bas reliefs that are good reference with semi-nutty faces and nice simple wingsl Still doing 3 plus images a day. The evolution has been interesting.

I am working exclusively with a fine pitt pen and a pentel pocket brush pens on a bristol board which takes the ink gorgeously.
Matte, black. One shot. I just seem to be burning through the cartridges. Perhaps tomorrow, I will open a bottle of the star matte and see what I can do with a real brush.

Tomorrow we get track shoes for A. He is digging being a member of the cross country team (it's co-ed!). We have our friend Bruce here. It is nice to have a chance to talk with him about our respective aging, his continual love of eccentric cars, his fondness for photos and music. Plenty to talk about...plus, he wants to save the world like we all do. His strategies are enlightening.

We miss R. already.