Working--but not much progress.

Struggling with the demon. Its looking totally crappy. I have been at this all day...and feel like I am not even close to finish for one tomorrow. Now for the girl graduate reminder: This is not for credit. This is for fun. It's 11 and I can knock off...and start tomorrow morning...and not to break a sweat. If it's finished, it's finished. If not, its a good exercise with a portrait. Phew. The point of doing a picture of depression is not to make you depressed. I will try to take pictures of the gallery show to show you all some examples from the show. It looks very strong.

Just a confirmation, everyone in the SU ISDP Ad 2007 group is NOT graduating. Not ONE person has completed their thesis. I wonder what the finish rate is for the 2006 group is? Your friend the idealist and her companions are shocked by the laughing and chatter, the bubba stuff continues despite no one completing their work. Isn't anyone reading the tea leaves on this one? Not exactly affirming...the only affirmation is time to shut that show down.

Everyone (illustration hangers on, and advertising hangers on) who have not completed their thesis have 7 years from their targeted graduation date to complete their thesis to have Syracuse still honor the work and commitment. I hope someone is letting the folks who are outstanding that this is their option. I know there are a bunch of people that could complete a body of work and finish it up before they lose that opportunity.

A little monotype chat tomorrow before I forget it.

More later>>