Syracuse: Day Four

Today is one of those perfect Syracuse days: 95 degrees in the shade, 98% humidity, and still. As expected, the studios had the "italian" air conditioner in the windows. We were all gripping the edges of our drawing tables hoping not to fall on the floor with heat exhaustion. Wet faces. And the secretary sits in a cool office. No changes...but 'splain?

Got my "orange folder" information in--and the new Lisa insisted I turn the folder in too...(I was using it for my sketches too). So, I get to do the registry work, track down the missing grades, remind my professor about the paperwork around the thesis to get the final grade--and they wouldn't let me keep the folder! I hope this will stave off the "we can't send your transcript" cha-cha that many of our former classmates struggled with. Crossing my fingers.

Had a nice time with Gary Kelley, John T., James Ransome and the Williams brothers last night. We had some drinks and some bar food...and talked about illustration, illustrators, Baron Storrey (what we love about him...), teaching techniques, and the reps that Gary and John were repped by...and the whole rep thing. It was nice and normal...and inspiring because it was so normal. This all reinforced how much I like Gary..and made me love James Ransome. He is a nice man who loves what he does, his family and the path his life has led him. He is warm, engaging and enjoys the students. This was all good. Maybe this will encourage Mr. Williams to rejoin the Society (and me too) to reconnect/connect with the people we know. I love the whole society gig...and should support it personally and financially. It is a rare group of people supporting a wonderful tradition of american illlustration. I need to pencil this onto the "to do" list.

Jim Carson showed his slides yesterday--his illustrations, his graphic design, his sensibility. His illustration is changing due to his coloring of his line drawings on the computer. Now he is doing a new style and is exploring an alphabet book. He is such a nice person who is reasonable, does pro-bono, is engaged in his community, teaches and continues to learn. An inspiration.

Today, James Ransome spoke. His speil was interesting as he showed pictures of his original house, his schools, maps of where he has lived, his studio, his family, his children (and their art). He delights in everything. He spoke of the 40 children's books he has done...range of topics, a bunch of different styles. Her recent work is much stronger design. He has done murals. He has written books and/or worked on scripts his wife has written. I liked the personal approach of his discussion. Seeing his life connects his work to the man...and dimensionalize it for the audience. I need to take notes.

Blue pictures coming along. Richard is doing Bluebeard. Chris W. is doing "blueblood" (a guilletine with blue blood along the blade), Traci is doing "blues" (sadness), Jen--"the bluebird of happiness". The other class is fighting it...we will see the results tomorrow. I am on the wacom for the night tonight in my refrigerated room (yay!). We have a crit at 1 tomorrow.