Colonial wonderfulness

Holiday illustrations today during this cold, grey day. The big hosta lilies are all opening up to give us a fragrant weekend as soon as this grey week is done.

Am doing a little research on colonial grave markers/ tombstones--something I have loved from way way back. Now, another reason to go there with this Memento Mori project. I love the way the wings are drawn, the crazy and beautiful typographic affects, and the simplicity of the skulls. I am going to go down this road a little in my notebooks. The ever wonderful Edward Gorey is very derivative of this work...and so to go to the source gives me permission to ramp it up a little beyond the limited stuff for the Day of the Dead. is a tremendous resource.

Am outputting images for the SPCA show. Possibilities to show dogs/pets at the SPCA proper. Could be another opportunity to get the work out there.

More later...(dreaming of willow trees and urns and skulls)>>